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The next editions of STAR WARS IV-VI!

Discussion in 'Original Trilogy' started by Ree Yees, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Ree Yees

    Ree Yees Rebel Official

    Sep 8, 2014
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    Ever since Lucas first began tampering with the classic trilogy, the movies have changed, sometimes subtly, sometimes as blunt as a spiked mace to the groin.

    The Bluray versions are different from the DVD versions are different from the theatrical Special Editions are different from etc.

    Of course, with another new trilogy on its way, not only must the original trilogy fit the prequels before it, but also the sequels after it.

    This is why Disney and Lucasfilm are hard at work editing the original trilogy one last time - and this is a promise, just one more last time! - to improve not only the audio and video quality, but also to insert some new scenes and CGI to further enhance the quality of this trilogy that needs so much polishing.

    A few rumored new scenes have surfaced.

    * ) The Jedi ending scene has been altered yet again; the celebrations have been toned down (the shots of Palpatine's statue overthrown on Coruscant has been removed, but the Naboo shots have been prolonged with more Gungans yelling "Freedom!") - and Hayden Christensen has returned to record a few lines. Yes, in the next version, Luke Skywalker, upon seeing the three Jedi ghosts, walks over to talk with the spirit of his father!

    According to my source, Anakin says he is much happier now, because in the afterlife you don't feel things physically anymore. Finally free of rough, irritating sand and claustrophobia-inducing breath masks, Anakin tells Luke that now that he is one with the Force, he can help him learn more of the Jedi ways.
    There will be a sinister, almost Imperial march-like theme playing underneath their conversation, to suggest that if Luke follows Anakin's training he might just go to the Dark Side like his father. The moment is fortunately not too terrifying for kids, as their brief talk is interrupted by some old-fashioned comedy when ghost Yoda falls off the wooden railing.

    * ) There will be a new scene on Cloud City where we see Lando charm Leia into a room. As the doors close behind them, the audience is meant to ponder whether they are doing something naughty. This, of course, has consequences in Episode VII in three months' time.

    *) In Jedi, there are a few new shots - the most intriguing being an insert into the rebel gathering scene aboard the Mon Calamari star cruiser, where we'll see a young (3-ish) Poe Dameron, as well as Mon Mothma being properly introduced and General Madine finally getting his hair overhauled.

    *) New shots of an X-Wing fighter trying to shoot down Luke in his stolen Imperial shuttle to work better with the new comic series

    *) I don't believe this one myself, but there's a rumor that we see what the Emperor was up to after he was thrown down the shaft. It turns out that the blue blast was him leaving the body of Palpatine. CGI shots show us his blueish ghost zip out behind Luke's back as he drags Vader to the shuttle, and leaves the Death Star before it explodes. We see it fly through space until it lands on a planet where it inhabits the body of Gollum.

    Take all these with a grain of salt. Maybe you've heard of a few too?
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