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Fan Art Request for A Mandalorian Story

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Nathan_Marrek, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Nathan_Marrek

    Nathan_Marrek Force Attuned

    Jan 19, 2016
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    I am looking for anyone who is willing to spare some time to create character fan art for my Mandalorian Story. I am not good at it using photoshop or any program but I am sure that if anyone is willing to try, it will help me further along to keep writing by fleshing out my characters and the Mandalorian world.

    I have ideas. I can provide a link here to what I have posted of my writing.


    Any questions...ask me anything.

    Below are some pics of other fan work but just to give anyone some ideas im looking at.

    Oh and yeah somehow Galadriel made it in there. Lol. Actually one of the female characters is an exile Mandalorian who was stripped off from her connection to the force. She has long red hair...blue eyes...her armor color scheme is green with a mix of some greys and blacks...with a detachable cape along the one side. She doesnt use a lightsaber as her choice of her weapon..cause that would be too predictable. I can see her use her powers and combine them with her Mando abilities. Her name is Elara. Not sure about her last name yet.

    Nathan Marrek is the main male character. A Mandalorian at heart and a warrior who looks to take on challenges for himself. He is also a force user but he doesn't find out until later in the story but there is more to that part of him that will be revealed later on. He is very close with the members of House Kryze especially with Senya and her two brothers (triplets) as well as her two twin children (grown up though once the main story kicks off). He has dark hair...sometimes short or wavy but short. (Think of Steve Rogers from the Infinity War trailer) He sports a goatee. He's got a deep connection with certain kinds of beasts...which includes wolves and krayt dragons...

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