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MUST READ! Gambling Rules & Regulations V 1.4

Discussion in 'Gambling' started by Echo-07, Sep 24, 2014.

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  1. Echo-07

    Echo-07 Rebel Official

    Jun 6, 2014
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    Greetings, all members!

    We have been hinting that there are more exciting developments to come here at The Cantina. One of the first is the opening of a "Gaming Forum." This forum will be dedicated to all the friendly games, contests, and wagers that exist and are sure to come as we progress over the years.

    In this spirit, we present "The Game Lounge."


    1- First, and foremost, we at StarWarsNewsNet.com and The Cantina do not condone real-life gambling. If you feel you have a gambling problem then you can find help at Gambler's Anonymous.

    2- Secondly, all gaming occurring at The Cantina is NOT backed by any kind of real-world currency and no guarantee of value or prizes are offered for general wagers unless specifically identified. All gaming uses Cantina credits.

    3- Certain games and contests do have real-world prizes attached to them and will be identified clearly beforehand.

    4- All general Rules and Regulations regarding The Cantina decorum still apply. For further reference you can review them here.


    1- There is a 25 CREDIT MINIMUM BUY-IN. This means that there can be no bets less than 25 credits. There can be higher bets as long as you can cover (pay) for them.

    2- IF you, "The Challenger," would like to propose a friendly wager you may do so by starting a thread with the wager as the topic.

    3- All wagers will be reviewed by the staff. IF the staff deems the wager acceptable, meaning original and not redundant, we will sticky the thread and leave it open for "Takers."

    4- The Challenger may set the credit value of the wager so long as they are capable of paying the bet.

    5- The Challenger must immediately make a credit transfer to Wuher with a note regarding the exact Title of the Bet. In order for this to work we need everyone to cooperate with the procedures. The staff is very busy and we do not have the time to chase down people to pay their bets, but we might dispatch bounty hunters. IF The Challenger fails to pay the bet then the thread, and thus bet, will be closed. Also, if Takers fail to note the bet they are wagering then they will NOT be paid as we can only award winners of identifiable bets.

    6- Members may NOT loan each other credits for any purpose in The Cantina or Casino. Members may "Gift" credits to others without any expectation of payback. This rule has been created to diffuse conflict over unpaid loans as well as to make the moderator's job easier in managing the Casino.

    7- "The Challenger" is the one making the bet. "The Takers" are those accepting the bet. Only those who can immediately pay Wuher (buy-in) for the bet may participate. A bet may have many Takers, but you can only take a bet once.

    8- Once a bet is taken do not post again. All other posts will be deleted.

    9- "Winner Takes All!" Once the bet has been resolved the winner takes the entire jackpot of all the antes or buy-ins. However, if there are multiple winners, as surely there will be, then they will split the jackpot evenly. Should no one win the bet Casino Cantina wins and the jackpot is forfeited.

    10- A "Jackpot" will consist of all the antes or buy-ins from those participating -- Challengers and Takers -- as well as a match from Wuher. In other words the total of all the credits wagered will be doubled and then split among the winners.


    Thread Title: "I bet that JJ Abrams will direct Episode VII"

    [​IMG] * NOTE = Please, use the "WAGER" prefix for all bets

    Statement of bet [post]: I bet 25 credits that JJ Abrams changes his mind and will direct Episode VII. Any takers?

    -- I pay (transfer) my 25 credits to Wuher immediately with the note: I bet that JJ Abrams will direct Episode VII --

    * The simplest way to add the note is to COPY the Bet title and PASTE in the note box

    * The thread is approved, stickied, and opened

    * Ten Takers accept the bet, making the Jackpot to be paid by Wuher 550 credits

    * You will post your response to the bet ONLY. In this case YES or NO

    * In this example only two people said YES and won the bet, taking home a split of the Jackpot -- 225 credits each!
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