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WAGER Will Kylo Ren smile in Ep. IX?

Discussion in 'Gambling' started by DarthSnow, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Lock_S_Foils

    Lock_S_Foils Red Leader

    Feb 26, 2017
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    Oh great this will be wonderful in the movie.....let's say he DOES smile, in the theater will come a loud "DAMMIT", everyone will turn and look at me strangely.....

    Kind of like when I watched SOLO first time with my 7 wagers on it.....I could be heard murmuring to myself during the opening "Dont start in space.....dont start in space".....when the scene did, in fact, not start in space I was like "YEAHHHHHH".....got some stares.....then in the Darth Maul scene I was like "Dont say the Force....Dont say the Force"......when he didnt I was like "YEAHHHH BABEEE"....
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